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Expert Witness

Someone who by their experience can offer an opinion on a matter before the court. He or she should be able to present highly technical matters in language which can be easily understood by non experts.

The expert must be able to justify his or her professional opinion under cross examination.

"Good report makes it very clear in simple language that there a number of ways the fraud could have taken place without [...] being involved."

(Ramby De Mello - Specialist Barrister with No5 Chambers)


Internet, computer and IT Expert Witness - Chris Stanbury

Having spent over 40 years in the computer business (many as a programmer) I have a logical and analytical mind. I am used to evaluating evidence and I can present the facts and my opinions clearly and concisely in written and verbal reports.

I have acted as an expert witness or consultant on many cases involving Web sites and the Internet since 1993.

Experience and success in this field qualifies me as an IT Expert Witness.

I started working with computers before the IBM launched the first PC!  My work included designing and writing bespoke programs for businesses.  I was involved from the initial discussions with clients and programmers to the delivery and training of the users.  This has helped me see which areas are most likely to lead to disagreements resulting in litigation.  My company often provided both the software and the hardware for bespoke systems.  We supplied many well known companies such as The BBC, IBM, Sperry, Fujitsu, Taylor Woodrow, Fitzpatrick and many more.  I am familiar with the inner mysteries of most computer hardware.

I have been called upon to act as an expert witness or consultant on many disputes involving Web sites and the Internet. Amongst these have been several disputing the quality of a Web site and whether the site was "fit for purpose" and/or "value for money". Other cases have included finding valuations for computer hardware components and plagiarism of Web content.

For the last 20 years or so my business has been focused around the production of Web sites, often backed by databases and offering e-commerce, along with Web Marketing (SEO and PPC such as Google Adwords or Linked In advertising).

I'm happy to act as a Single Joint Expert and have done so on several occasions.

I am a member of the Expert Witness Institute.

Member of the EWI

My own experience

Even experts are not immune from real life! In 2012 I sold a business, using a reputable commercial lawyer, but the buyer didn't pay.

This lead to over a year battling in the High Court before we reached a settlement.

My experience means I know what you are going through and will do my best to help make an unpleasant and stressful experience as easy as possible.