What was the value of a lorry-load of hard disks?

How I saved a client lots of heartache:


A local lawn maintenance company had a new Web site built and the company doing the work offered to SEO the site as part of the job. The site was then handed over to a second local company claiming to specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The site plummeted in Google's listings.

My involvement:

I was asked to ascertain, as far as possible, which company had caused the problems and to prepare a report that could be put to the companies in an effort to avoid court action.

When faced with the evidence I'd gathered, both companies offered to make amends. One of them refunded payments and the other did a lot of extra work (not SEO) for free.

The outcome was infinitely better than the prospect of a long and expensive court case over relatively small sums of money.

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